• Fede Montagud, editor

    “Beauty drinks”: cosmetic refreshments

    24 Feb “Beauty drinks”: cosmetic refreshments



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    We all want healthy skin that looks good, so we try to take care of it with good hygiene and the right products. Nutricosmetics, thanks to their functional ingredients, try to stimulate “beauty from within” as well as improve health. But it is not easy to convince consumers of the benefits.


    Coca-Cola soon plans to launch a line of market-based nutricosmetic drinks based on mineral water, fruit juices and active ingredients that, depending on the product consumed, will enhance your tan, strengthen your hair and nails, help you lose weight or enhance your vitality. Called Beautific Oenobiol, the drinks will be distributed in pharmacies under a marketing agreement with French drugmaker Sanofi. In trying to build consumer interest in nutricosmetic products, this new initiative to sell beauty from within is an attempt to succeed where Nestle and L'Oréal failed. Gaining consumer confidence is not easy, because the medical evidence regarding the effects of such products is not entirely convincing, while legislation increasingly imposes more stringent accuracy requirements on manufacturers.