• Fede Montagud, editor

    Overweight women have an increased risk of acne

    10 Aug

    Science years ago confirmed that weight and acne go hand in hand, especially in women. A new study conducted with over 3,500 young people confirms this. This is just one more reason for controlling our weight.


    Researchers from several countries have developed a population-based study at the University of Oslo in Norway that confirms the results of previous studies. A body mass index of 25 or more seems to predispose teenage girls to develop acne, although things are not so clear in the case of teenage boys. The reason could be that extra weight increases the production of androgens, the male sex hormone, also produced by the female body, although in smaller quantities.



    Archives of Dermatology

  • Anna Solana, science journalist

    Skin care during pregnancy

    6 Aug

    Pregnancy is an important period during which future mothers deal with many doubts, including about skin care. The web hosts countless pages on the subject, though not all the information is reliable. Scientific studies do not provide clear answers to a number of questions. The "just-in-case” response triumphs in the Internet, and even in pharmacies, which only increases the anxiety of pregnant women.


    Here we respond to some of the more common questions with Dr. Laura Rodellar, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Hospital General de Catalunya (Spain). Read More