About this blog

The skin enables us to communicate with the world. Its main functions are protection and perception, yet most people are unaware of its properties. The aim of this blog is to enhance knowledge of the skin, its health and care by providing reliable information based exclusively on scientific evidence and expert opinion.


A science journalism project

The blog will be maintained by a team of independent science journalists whose thematic posts and brief news items will not only reflect up-to-date knowledge of the skin and skin care but will also provide practical and useful advice to consumers.


An Editorial Board, composed of experts from different disciplines, guarantees the quality and independent nature of the blog’s content.  


This blog is sponsored by the Sanex Institute.*



The blog is open to comments, which will be moderated to exclude contributions unrelated to the subject of healthy skin or considered offensive in form or content. Our hope is for active participation that will result in new perspectives and reliable sources of quality information. 


Readers should bear in mind that the blog is a journalistic publication and not a doctor’s surgery, so the editorial team will not respond to personal inquiries addressed to experts, doctors or scientists.


* The Sanex Institute is research division of Colgate-Palmolive Europe Sarl.