• Fede Montagud, editor

    How many colours does the human skin have?

    28 May How many colours does the human skin have?



    Angelica Dass

    We each have a unique skin. Our protective mantle produces a personal odour that a dog could distinguish between thousands of other smells. Our skin colour is just as characteristic, as no two skins have exactly the same tone. This is what the Brazilian artist Angelica Dass captures in the photos included in her Humanae project.


    For Humanae, Angelica Dass has photographed hundreds of volunteers during the year that she has spent travelling in Brazil, the USA, Colombia, France and Bahrain. Each new photo is processed using software synchronized with the Pantone® colour chart to create a record for the skin tone. Pantone® is a code-based colour classification system that allows colours to be accurately reproduced in any medium. It is the most widely used colour standard in industry and the graphic arts sector.


    Dass’ work may well be the largest existing catalogue of skin tones. And she still has not come across two skins that are identical in colour! The aim of Dass’ project is to open up the debate on ethnic identity, highlighting the fact that the subtle continuity of skin tones points to more similarities than differences. Beyond factors such as nationality, origin, socioeconomic status, age and aesthetics, the colour of our skin not only makes us unique, it also makes us human.


    (Photos courtesy of Angélica Dass).