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    Natural beauty products are winning people over

    5 Jan Natural beauty products are winning people over




    The ingredients in a skin care product are equally or more important for the consumer than its actual effectiveness. This point was made in a recent study by the consultancy Kline, which also highlights the unstoppable rise of “natural” beauty products.


    This is probably because natural products are preferred for the skin, because consumers are more aware of the safety of certain ingredients and are increasingly concerned about the environment. But the fact remains that the market for so-called “natural” cosmetics continues to grow, with the sector already turning over around 30,000 million dollars worldwide. The European market, which accounts for 25% of sales of natural products, grew by 6% in 2013 – double the growth rate in the world as a whole – thanks to ingredients such as argan oil, açaí berries, pomegranate, calendula, etc.


    Trends suggest that we can expect to see, in the coming years, growing sales of products labelled as non-GMO (i.e., without genetically modified organisms) that have already been very successful in the food market.


    The market for skin care and beauty products is changing and maturing. However, all that glitters is not gold. It should be remembered that “natural” does not necessarily mean safer or more sustainable.


    Plant extracts, for example, may contain chemical substances that can cause dermatitis, irritations or allergies. And some fruits may cause photosensitization on contact with the skin.


    Therefore, before purchasing any personal care product, however natural, we need to ensure that it has passed all the necessary tests and complies with the standards permitting its sale.



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