• Fede Montagud, editor

    The Smoking Time Machine

    24 Jun The Smoking Time Machine



    Smoking Time Machine

    Smoking has a very negative effect on the skin. However, not everyone is aware of this, especially young people who have not yet started to experience the effects of ageing on their bodies. An initiative by the British National Health Service (NHS) can show us what our faces will look like in a few years’ time if we continue to smoke.


    The British health authorities have decided, and rightly so, that a picture is worth a thousand words. How would a young person feel if they were to suddenly see their own face looking greyish and with wrinkles around their eyes and mouth? The goal of the initiative is to get young people to quit smoking before the thousands of harmful products in cigarettes cause irreversible damage, not only to the skin but also to less visible areas of the body. The NHS has therefore created a free app for smartphones – called Smoking Time Machine – that ‘ages’ a photo of the phone user. Users can see how an image of themselves now will look in 20 years’ time if they continue smoking — and also how they will look if they stop smoking immediately. Try it and see the result, it is to-the-point and hard to ignore!

  • Núria Estapé, science journalist

    The skin’s invisible enemies

    30 Mar

    Modern dermatology is very familiar with the factors that most aggressively damage the skin. Air pollution and sudden temperature and humidity changes can alter the functions of the acid mantle and age skin cells prematurely. Although it is often impossible to avoid the invisible enemies of our skin, knowing what they are can help us fight them.


    Many factors and harmful habits can alter the protective function of our skin. Until recently it was believed that smoking and excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays were the worst offenders. Now, however, it is known that pollution is equally harmful. Read More

  • Laura Chaparro, science journalist

    Tips for a healthy skin

    30 Jan

    Science shows that certain factors affecting healthy skin and a youthful appearance depend directly on our lifestyle. Some of these factors are using moisturizers, eating properly, not smoking, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun and minimizing stress.


    It is widely believed that your genes determine whether or not you’ll have healthy, youthful skin. This is indeed partly true, but it is also within our power to control much of what happens to our skin. A study of 186 pairs of genetically identical twins by researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (USA) demonstrates how the environment and lifestyle have markedly different effects on siblings over time. Read More