• Laura Chaparro, science journalist

    Skin flora, our protective shield

    4 Feb

    The flora of our skin is made up of millions of bacteria that live in harmony with us. Thanks to this flora we have a shield that protects us, as the bacteria ward off infection and ensure that our skin stays healthy and attractive.


    When we hear the word 'bacteria' we think of harmful microorganisms responsible for infections. And while it is certainly true that bacteria can cause infection, this is more the exception than the rule. The bacteria and fungi resident in our skin are part of our normal microbial flora and perform very important functions. In addition to self-regulation that maintains the body’s equilibrium, the flora protects us against infection and enhances the skin’s barrier function by breaking down skin surface lipids. The flora is also responsible for our body's natural odour, caused by bacteria breaking down the components in sweat. Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    Be careful about where you purchase your cosmetics

    1 Feb

    The European Union’s Court of Justice issued a judgment this summer regarding a longstanding dispute between the cosmetics firm L'Oréal and eBay, stating that eBay, the world’s top e-commerce website, is guilty for failing to prevent third-party sales of L'Oréal cosmetic products. This means that numerous eBay buyers worldwide have used skin care products and perfumes of dubious origin.


    The ruling underlines the fact that national authorities need to ensure that companies do not offer fake products, products not in their original packaging, not-for-sale products or imported goods for online sale without the consent of the trademark owner. In the interest of their health and their pocket, consumers need to be vigilant against fraud and, if they are uncertain about the guarantees offered by online cosmetic vendors, they should simply use their usual distributors. 



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