• Fede Montagud, editor

    Melanoma, the ongoing scourge

    5 Dec Melanoma, the ongoing scourge



    El País

    International experts are warning us yet again: the number of melanoma cases is growing fast. Too much sun is considered to be the most direct cause of melanoma, which develops in the skin and can be fatal. Prevention is the best way to fight skin cancers. So what can we do to avoid developing melanoma?


    Skin cancers are the most frequent kind of cancer; 30% of Spanish people, for example, develop some form of this cancer. Melanoma is the most aggressive kind and, unfortunately, is the one that is experiencing most growth. These are the conclusions of the 6th World Meeting of Interdisciplinary Melanoma Skin Cancer Centres, which brought together around 1000 doctors and researchers from all over the world in Barcelona last November. Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    The cold, enemy of the skin

    3 Dec The cold, enemy of the skin




    As always, the arrival of the cold every year triggers skin problems for many people. In winter the air is drier and, although we may not notice it, our epidermis gets hardly any water. The result is a very common disorder: dry skin.


    Dry skin is a typical cold-weather syndrome, characterized by an epidermis that is altered in appearance and rough to the touch, with marked lines and flaky skin. Dry skin is particularly common on the arms, legs and hands and can be itchy. Avoid scratching, because it can trigger dermatitis. To treat dry skin we need to return lost water to the stratum corneum. Experts recommend taking a short daily shower in warm water, lightly towel drying and, with the skin still wet, applying a moisturizing oil or cream. That way we fix the water in our skin before it evaporates. And, for outdoors, it is recommended to apply a sunscreen to the face and hands, because UV rays are still active in winter. And a final tip: install humidifiers in the home.